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Back in 1981 I was commissioned by Yorkshire Television to write the music for a new Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World series. This was followed some years later by the Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe series. The subject matter of each episode never failed to excite me: Crop Circles, Easter Island, Nasca Desert and so on.

I enjoyed in particular anything to do with the Cosmos, alien life and extra terrestrial heavenly bodies. Time and space, the Big Bang, dark matter and other theories fascinated me, especially the notion of possible life on other earth-like planets. Yet scientists and physicists offered various conflicting views based on studies and information available at the time, among them Professor Stephen Hawking, who seemed to make more sense than most of the others.

Now, well into the 21st Century, the universal landscape has changed dramatically as more and more data becomes available from the various space telescopes roaming around our solar system.  Estimates of the number of stars in the known universe have risen by one third, a colossal miscalculation by earlier theorists. Hawking seems to imply that there is, or soon will be, an explanation for everything and that it all came about without the help of any divine creator.  As the debate continues, I can't help but recall a line of scripture that stated "And worlds without number have I created: and I also created them for mine own purposes and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten".

More and more scientists, cosmologists and physicists are adopting the view that it is easier to argue for billions of other earth-like worlds taht it is for just the one we now reside on.  Either way, to offer a musical token that conjures up the search for alien life and space travel is irresistible.  

My album Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe offered a synthesised score of the series' subject matter.  Later came the Orchestral Encounters CD - paying tribute to the astronauts and cosmonauts who are the Sir Walter Raleighs and Magellans of this day and age.

Now comes PHANTASIA, an orchestral/synthesised collection that I hope captures the sheer beauty of our re-mapped universe, both visual and notional.



  1. Galactic Dawn
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Cloud Chaser
  4. Flamingo
  5. Stellar Symphony
  6. Martian Landscape
  7. Enraptured
  8. Firefly
  9. Stardust
  10. Earthrise
  11. Enchantment
  12. Unfolding Mystery
  13. Dragonfly
  14. Orbiter
  15. Flight
  16. Infinity
  17. Mission Accomplished
  18. Journey’s End

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